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New ESR furnace at Uddeholm in operation

Viktoria Steininger
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Swedish voestalpine company Uddeholm AB has invested in a new ESR furnace for the production of high performance tool steel, and this is now in operation.

Uddeholm ESR

“We warmly welcome No. 10”– Uddeholm in Hagfors is delighted with the new re-melting furnace.

In April 2015 ESR furnace No. 10 at Uddeholm AB in Hagfors, Sweden, started operation. Uddeholm is the worldwide market leader in the field of ESR tool steels, and this investment is intended to expand this position further. The market for ESR tool steel is growing rapidly, and the new ESR furnace ensures sufficient capacity to meet this demand.

Demand for the highest quality

Customers in this segment are demanding. Whether using the high-grade steels produced by long-standing company Uddeholm in automobiles or in entertainment electronics, they are looking for top quality – and that also means top steel purity. At Uddeholm, steel is produced using the electroslag remelting process (ESR) in order to meet these demands. This is a special melting process for producing highest quality steels with top purity parameters.

Uddeholm ESRFast capacity expansion

Focusing on this market segment has paid off; already half of Hagfors revenue is earned with ESR steels. Consequently, investment in this sector is expanding quickly, as demonstrated with the startup of the latest ESR furnace, No.10. Product startup was in April, and by mid-May it was already possible to run the furnace at full capacity. This is to be welcomed because the capacity of the new furnace is already fully booked.




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