New colors and features – a wide range of protected surfaces thanks to colofer® 3 minutes spent reading

New colors and features – a wide range of protected surfaces thanks to colofer®

Volkmar Held

Refrigerators, washing machines and steam ovens – modern appliances accent the home with color and score points with added features. Their attractive surfaces are protected with highly advanced colofer® brand coatings.


They refrigerate, wash and cook, day in and day out – yet their surfaces remain attractive for many years, despite the many demands placed on them. Facade claddings keep their brilliant colors for decades as well. To ensure this is the case, voestalpine supplies manufacturers and builders with sheet steels that offer the right properties: They are resistant in use, maintain their striking appearance after they have been processed, and open up a previously unattainable variety of options in terms of color and structure.

Protection from corrosion thanks to zinc

Housings for appliances and facades on external structures are subjected to considerable wear in daily use. Rust, for example, normally would quickly damage the material – but  this is prevented with a layer of zinc only a few micrometers thick. This layer of zinc long-lasting rustproofing and thus offers added stability that holds up for multiple decades.
This, incidentally, is also how voestalpine protects modern, high-strength lightweight car body panels for the cars of today and tomorrow.

Rugged and strong

Surfaces made from colofer® brand-coated steel attract attention. Manufacturers therefore want to ensure that one wipe can restore the original appearance. Mustard or ketchup splotches on the refrigerator door? Modern appliances withstand colorful challenges like these without permanent stains in their paint coatings.

Even if a hail shower scratches the wall of a house or steel wool is used to scrub an oven door –multilayer organic coatings from voestalpine effectively protect against rust, acids, wear or cutting. Hot fat and high temperatures also leave no permanent marks on the dark, high-gloss coatings on ovens. Small scratches inadvertently produced by scrubbing too hard can be made to disappear thanks to the self-healing effect of the organic coating.


Even after many years, chemist Bernhard Strauß of voestalpine Stahl GmbH, responsible for organic coatings at voestalpine, continues to be fascinated by the capabilities of coated steel strip: “Our standard products for external use are protected with a two-layer coating of paint that totals just 25 micrometers thick – that’s less than half of the thickness of a human hair! And our coating layers meanwhile exhibit a life span of 10 to 40 years, depending on the product type.”

Modern colors and surfaces

Red? Green? Or perhaps a shimmering silver instead? Maybe even a perfectly simulated look of beechwood? Modern colors and attractive surfaces turn everyday appliances into eye-catchers.
What were once categorized simply as “white goods” today come in an array of colors. In addition, colofer® coatings let freezers, steam ovens and similar household equipment shine for decades with the look of stainless steel and other metals. Fans of simulated wood finishes can select surfaces with wood “grains” that truly feel like their natural counterparts. State-of-the-art methods are employed by voestalpine to produce this effect. These methods are combined with many years of expertise to guarantee the expected functional reliability of all design variations.

With new ideas for coating technologies and highly advanced coating plants, voestalpine ensures technical progress along with attractive appearance.