New 2016 Future magazine 1 minute spent reading

New 2016 Future magazine

Viktoria Steininger
Redaktionell verantwortlich für die Themen am Blog, recherchiert und schreibt Viktoria Steininger auch selbst und gibt mit Geschichten Einblicke in den voestalpine-Konzern.

The latest edition of the voestalpine brand magazine was issued at the beginning of April 2016. Future magazine from voestalpine focuses on visionary topics and is published once each year in 12 languages.

Future Magazine 2016In addition to stories about the brand, the company’s values and mindset, Future magazine from voestalpine also examines important topics for the future that concern us as a company, including mobility, technology and change.

International journalists deal with important topics such as how industry is being shaped by the digital transformation and the power of change, and they present their perspectives on the future.

You can read, flip through, download or order Future magazine here.


Viktoria Steininger