Metal Additive Manufacturing Conference 2016: stopover on the path to the future 3 minutes spent reading

Metal Additive Manufacturing Conference 2016: stopover on the path to the future

Viktoria Steininger
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For two whole days Linz is the center of gravity for the nascent world of 3D printing in metal.

At the second Metal Additive Manufacturing Conference (MAMC) on November 24 and 25, 2016 scientists, developers, and manufacturers all meet at the voestalpine Stahlwelt to discuss the rapid advances in the new discipline of metal production since the first MAMC two years ago. They report on the challenges currently faced when manufacturing components using metal powder.

2nd Metal Additive Manufacturing ConferenceIt is a high-profile conference community of more than 220 participants from 23 nations that host Franz Rotter gets to greet at the opening of the Metal Additive Manufacturing Conference 2016 in the well-filled voestalpine visitor center on Thursday morning, November 24. They include scientists from the Beijing Institute of Technology, the German Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology, the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, and from many other colleges and universities, as well as representatives from companies and organizations including Airbus, the German Aerospace Center (DLR), and the European Space Agency (ESA). It is not only the auditorium on the lower floor of the voestalpine Stahlwelt which is packed; the program of events includes no less than 35 lectures and presentations.

"We have a clear strategic focus on metal additive manufacturing."
ZitatFranz Rotter, Head of the Special Steel Division of voestalpine and President of ASMET

Rotter’s role as host today is a double one: he is President of ASMET, the Austrian Society for Metallurgy and Materials, which is hosting the event, and Head of the Special Steel Division at the conference partner voestalpine. In his second role Rotter stresses: “voestalpine is determined to be one of the leaders in these new technologies. We have a clear strategic focus on metal additive manufacturing.” This is another important step for this global leading technology and capital goods group.

The raw materials: know-how and metal powder

It was not earlier than in mid-September that the Group pooled its research and development work in this field at the newly opened voestalpine Additive Manufacturing Center in Düsseldorf. Franz Rotter: “Our attention here is particularly focused on tool construction, one of our traditional areas of expertise.” With Austrian company Böhler Edelstahl GmbH and Swedish Uddeholms AB, two voestalpine Group subsidiaries ensure that metal powder is available for 3D printing in a variety of compositions. This provides voestalpine with an in-house source of the most important raw materials: know-how and powder.

New business logics on the horizont

The MAMC is a must-attend event for the specialists from Böhler, Uddeholm, and the voestalpine Additive Manufacturing Center, and they also play an active role in organizing the program of lectures and presentations. In addition to many material and process details, the program also considers the future market perspectives for additive manufacturing.

"What we are working on in Düsseldorf plays a major role for our Group worldwide, from America to Taiwan. Innovative business logics will emerge in this field over the coming years. "
ZitatFranz Rotter

Even at the beginning of conference it is already clear that this new technology has the potential to re-forge the metal industry value chain in future.

Viktoria Steininger