High quality steel made in Brazil in motion 2 minutes spent reading

High quality steel made in Brazil in motion

Andrea Zajicek

Villares Metals, headquartered in Sumaré and a company of the Special Steel Division, released a new corporate video that provides unique insights into the special steel production.

Aerial View

Aerial View

The special steel plant in Brazil shows itself at its best in the new corporate video. Especially one thing that stands out: The strong focus on the people who are the key factor for the company’s success.


Filming in Rio

1,400 mostly longstanding employees embody the “Villares Spirit”, which the video clearly brings across. The aim of the project was to introduce the company better to customers, suppliers and employees and show what Villares differentiates from other companies.

First, it is the flexible production capacity that makes it possible to quickly adapt to market changes and develop new products and components together with the customer. And secondly, the company culture.

“You really have the feeling to work in a team,” confirmed Andrea Zajicek working for almost 3 years at Villares commercial department. “I wish all our clients would have the opportunity to visit our plant.” Who cannot visit the mill in person, now may get a glimpse of the production facilities, laboratories, research and of course get to know the people who stand behind the steel production.

video crew

Video crew

Amanda Duarte, responsible for External Communication and project manager of the video production, summarizes the contents as follows: “With these images it is visible, what is daily routine for us: we produce complex steel grades and specialty alloys in one of the most beautiful steel plants in the world. With qualified staff, modern facilities and the high quality awareness of Villares, what makes us successful in various markets. ”

Here you can take a look behind the scenes of the Brazilian special steel producer:


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