High Performance Metals Division opens Digitalization Competence Center 3 minutes spent reading

High Performance Metals Division opens Digitalization Competence Center

Viktoria Steiniger (Maternity Leave)
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The voestalpine Group is making large investments in the area of digitalization. The new Digitalization Competence Center in Kapfenberg, which was recently opened by the High Performance Metals Division, is an innovative center.

This is a further milestone in the development of the high-tech Kapfenberg site, where more than 400 million euros have been invested in several large-scale projects that are currently setting new standards in Industry 4.0 and fully automated production processes.

 Digitalization is a central pillar to the future technological leadership of the voestalpine Group in global markets. On 16 February, voestalpine opened the Digitalization Competence Center (DCC) at the Kapfenberg site, ensuring that the Group will not only be a key player, but also an active innovator, in the field of digitalization.

"The DCC makes it possible for us to quickly and effectively use new developments in important areas such as robotics, sensor technologies and augmented reality."
Franz Rotter, Member of Management Board at voestalpine AG and Head of the High Performance Metals Division

The modular layout of the competence center, which boasts a floor space of 350 square meters, makes it usable as a testing  and development center, as a location to hold special events or as a space for creative engineering and design. The Digitalization Competence Center also serves as an active demonstration studio for “Our Modern World of Work.” Following the initial investment, plans call for continued expansion of the DCC over the next few years.

DDC attracts new talent

 The value attached to digital transformation in the voestalpine Group and its role at the Kapfenberg site are confirmed by the sum of up to 350 million euros that are being invested in the digital competenceworld’s most modern special steel mill that will be going into operation in 2021 in Kapfenberg. Thanks to fully automated production processes, the high-tech mill will manufacture tool steels and other special steels for highly sophisticated customer segments.

 “The site in Kapfenberg is the best proof that we take our goal of consistent digitalization very seriously. Additionally, our DCC features a modern development environment that is bound to attract the most highly skilled specialists in the areas of mechatronics, automation, robotics and data analysis. We are very pleased to welcome such experts because we know that they will elevate us above our competitors,” says Michael Eder, Global Chief Digital Officer in the High Performance Metals Division.

 In addition to the construction of the new special steel mill, investments are also being made in a new high-tech forging line for the production of high-quality prematerial for airplane components as well as in an ultra-modern line for the production of structural aviation parts.

opening digital competence center

Viktoria Steiniger (Maternity Leave)