Expansion at sales company ASSAB in Shanghai 1 minute spent reading

Expansion at sales company ASSAB in Shanghai

Jürgen Schatz

After eleven months of construction, since mid-December ASSAB Tooling Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. has over 2,000 m² extra space available for extending plant capacities. The reason behind the expansion is growth at the sales company, driven by the automotive and consumer electronics industries.

In mid-December, and after eleven months of construction work, the areal expansion of ASSAB Tooling Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., a sales company in the Special Steel Division in Shanghai, was completed. The additional 2,000 m² will be used to expand plant capacities for heat treatments, machining and additional future planned investments. The expansion was a challenge considering the lack of available space in the area, explains Managing Director David Liang: “It wasn’t easy to manage the construction work, incoming goods, and outgoing customer deliveries in parallel. But we succeeded without disrupting our daily work.”

Further expansion is planned

The 200 employees at the company now have access to a total of 9,800 m² (1,400 m² of which is office space). And they are going to make use of it: extra employees will need to be taken on to operate the new facilities, with revenue forecasted to grow significantly over the next business years.