Expanding the capabilities of the strip coating mill in Linz 2 minutes spent reading

Expanding the capabilities of the strip coating mill in Linz

Viktoria Steininger
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Over the past months, the strip coating mill at voestalpine Stahl GmbH in Linz has been upgraded, enabling it to manufacture innovative, high-quality products.


The new chemcoater on the strip coating mill

 laminating station

The new laminating station for applying protective films

The strip coating mill 2 has been upgraded, adding new capabilities which allow it to further extend the production range at voestalpine Stahl GmbH. The mill is now equipped with a foil coating station and a so-called chemcoater for applying chrome-free pretreatments. As a result of these investments, the mill can now manufacture an almost unlimited range of products: from an incredibly diverse range of colofer® products, including household appliances with the most stringent requirements, now also available with protective film, to electrical strip steel, corrosion protection primer and, where necessary, all forms of passivation media. Consequently, the products can be offered on all the substrates produced by voestalpine, and marketed as first-class products.

Successful realization by the internal project team

range of products

The mill can now manufacture an almost unlimited range of products

It is particularly worth noting that rather than being contracted out to a plant construction company, this project was executed by an internal team with members drawn from various departments. The project team employees executed every step of the process themselves, from the complete planning through to implementation, more successfully and less expensively than would have been possible if the project had been outsourced. Now that the strip coating mill capabilities have been extended, the company is ideally prepared for the future.

Viktoria Steininger