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Europe’s most modern steel service center

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Merging the voestalpine Stahl Service Center with voestalpine Anarbeitung to form the voestalpine Steel & Service Center GmbH has created Europe's most modern steel service center.

Management SSC

Managing Directors of the new voestalpine Steel & Service Center GmbH: Michael Kirchsteiger, Jürgen Pölzguter, and Hans-Jörg Kirchweger

In June 2015 the two companies voestalpine Anarbeitung GmbH and voestalpine Stahl Service Center were merged to create a joint Group company, the voestalpine Steel & Service Center GmbH. The new company also incorporates the two subsidiaries voestalpine Steel Service Center Polska and voestalpine Steel Service Center Romania. Integrating the enterprises to form a joint company has created a competence center for processing steel strip and heavy plate in the Steel Division.

Europe’s largest steel service center with a delivery volume of 1.8 million tons

The new voestalpine Steel & Service Center GmbH offers a comprehensive product mix. It is Europe’s largest integrated steel service center, producing 1.65 million tons in Linz alone. A further 200,000 tons are processed at the sites in Poland and Romania. The product mix includes:

  • Slit strips and cut sheet
  • Cut blanks for the automotive industry
  • Cut shapes for the mechanical engineering industry and
  • Entire parts and components for the commercial vehicles industry.
Ultra-high strength cut sheets

Ultra-high strength cut sheets

The merger brings several advantages for customers: they benefit from a slimmer and more efficient organization with a wider product mix and excellently trained employees. A total of 750 employees work at the new the voestalpine Steel & Service Center GmbH.




Viktoria Steiniger (Maternity Leave)