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Data instead of kilometers driven

Volkmar Held
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ASFINAG and voestalpine Krems Finaltechnik GmbH are making a significant contribution to greater sustainability in road safety with Provast, their project optimization app.

Data, instead of sending employees in vehicles back and forth—in short, that’s the advantage offered by the ASFINAG and voestalpine Krems Finaltechnik GmbH app. And this advantage has a significant impact on sustainability.

Provast connects

The voestalpine app standardizes and therefore simplifies data exchange between highway construction sites, clients, installation teams, and warehouses. “Provast is our solution for standardizing the recording and processing of thousands of highway construction sites,” explains Roland Stichauner, Head of Sales for the road safety business segment. What employees on site see and install is recorded and transferred to headquarters via the app, for immediate allocation to the correct project. Consequently, the entire project flow is digitalized, with the data made available in real time:

  • recording at the highway construction site (via tablet);
  • information processing;
  • work scheduling;
  • billing, controlling, and documentation.

All the companies involved can use the data, and apply it on their end devices, in accordance with their authorized level of access. This prevents misunderstandings, while making communication between all those involved simpler and more efficient.

Data not kilometers

All construction sites are logged with their GPS data, making them quick to locate and reach. This allows the ASFINAG to transfer the site locations directly into their GIS system, making this information available to road users in real time.

"This reduces travelling time considerably, because even approval is a digital process, using Provast, rather than requiring employees to travel in person to the site. That allows us to manage projects more economically. Faster highway construction and less time spent securing sites also reduce the accident risk for road users—as well as for the teams working on site."
Roland Stichauner

Impressive figures demonstrate the efficiency and sustainability gains that Provast brings (maximum values dependent on the particular project):

  • 95% reduction in travel times and associated environmental impact.
  • 40% reduction in expenditure for highway construction site safety measures—lowers risk of accidents!
  • 85% reduction in personnel costs for the client.



Recording and evaluating on site & reducing driving distances: a sustainability boost thanks to Provast.

Volkmar Held