Corporate Responsibility Report 2015/16: sustainability at voestalpine AG 3 minutes spent reading

Corporate Responsibility Report 2015/16: sustainability at voestalpine AG

Claudia Korntner

Corporate Responsibility, or CR, is the responsibility of a company to act in a manner which ensures its sustainable development. The first voestalpine Corporate Responsibility Report (CR Report) was published in 2013. A new report has now been published which documents the key activities, achievements, and challenges for all voestalpine Group companies in this field.

Corporate responsibility is an important element of voestalpine corporate culture and an integral part of Group strategy. CR describes the extent to which a company understands its responsibilities where its activities have an impact on society, its employees, shareholders, the environment, and the economy.

The new report includes facts and figures from the business year 2015/16, and documents voestalpine activities in the field of sustainability. The report was compiled in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines which are the most commonly used standard worldwide for drawing up sustainability reports.

The report provides an overview of the areas of environment, research and development, energy and climate policy, employees, compliance, supply chain management, life cycle assessment (LCA), health & safety, human rights, and shareholder communications in Texas.

"This new CR Report gives us a comprehensive, updated record of our Group-wide activities in the field of corporate responsibility. That’s important both for us as voestalpine and for many of our business partners."
Claudia Korntner, Head of Corporate Responsibility, voestalpine AG

The life cycle of steel in graphic form

Steel is the most versatile material in the world. The images in this report reflect this fact and present the life cycle of steel as a material: from the raw materials to production, processing, and finally recycling—a growing trend in the field of sustainability.

UN Global Compact – Communication on Progress (COP)

The report simultaneously serves as a so-called Communication on Progress (COP) for the UN Global Compact, a UNO initiative which the voestalpine Group has supported since 2013.

The UNGC (UN Global Compact) consists of 10 principles in the areas of human rights, labor standards, the environment, and anti-corruption, which companies must implement during the course of business and account for annually in a progress report. It has become standard practice for listed and globally active enterprises to participate in the UNGC.

Order the CR Report or view online

The CR Report 2015/16 is available in German and English. It can be viewed online at and printed copies can be ordered by sending an email to The most important data and facts on the subject of corporate responsibility have been clearly displayed in an infographic. The Corporate Responsibility Factsheet, a summary of the report, will again be available in 14 languages.

Infographic CR Report