colofer corrender: powerful protective layer for organic-coated steel strip 2 minutes spent reading

colofer corrender: powerful protective layer for organic-coated steel strip

Viktoria Steininger
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The high-performance substrate corrender is ideal for the organic-coated steel strip colofer®.

colofer correndercorrender is a substrate with a powerful anti-corrosion protective layer. This substrate is ideal for colofer®, the voestalpine Steel Division’s organic-coated steel strip. The entire colofer® product range for roof/wall/drainage applications is available with the corrender substrate.

corrender is the next step in the evolution of hot-dip metal-coated products.  The powerful protective layer is produced by alloying small amounts of magnesium and aluminum in the zinc bath. This zinc-magnesium protective layer has numerous advantages over conventional galvanized steel strip:


1)    Increased corrosion protection

  • Significantly superior protection against white rust: Conventional galvanized steel strip shows substantial signs of white rust after 48 hours in the salt spray test, while corrender is practically free of white rust after the same amount of testing time.
  • Significantly superior protection against red rust: A passive layer significantly delays the formation of red rust. Even after 600 hours in the salt spray test, no signs of red rust formation can be detected.
  • Reduced metallic coating thickness: Due to the excellent corrosion protection offered by corrender, the metallic coating thickness can be significantly reduced while maintaining the same high level of corrosion protection.

The use of corrender as a substrate for colofer® provides numerous corrosion protection advantages:

  • Reduced edge coating creepage
  • Reduced crack coating creepage
  • Better performance in permanently wet conditions

2)    Improved coating adhesiveness

colofer® corrender has significantly better coating adhesiveness than classic colofer®.

corrender korrosionsschutz

3)    Conservation of valuable resources

Due to the reduced metallic coating thickness, the use of colofer® corrender can result in sustainable conservation of valuable resources.

  • Conservation of zinc resources
  • Promotion of sustainability
  • Preservation of the environment

4)    Longer guarantee periods

The guarantee periods for colofer® corrender are longer than for classic colofer® (up to 40 years).

The in-depth research carried out by the voestalpine Steel Division ensures that the product properties are continually optimized and makes colofer® the quality leader in organic-coated steel strip.


Viktoria Steininger