Böhler PROFIL celebrates its 20th anniversary 3 minutes spent reading

Böhler PROFIL celebrates its 20th anniversary

Viktoria Steiniger (Maternity Leave)
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This year Böhler PROFIL GmbH is celebrating 20 years of business. Since becoming an independent company in 1995, the employees at Böhler PROFIL in Bruckbach have enjoyed an almost exemplary run of success.

Albert Böhler

Albert Böhler

However, the origins of production company Böhler PROFIL GmbH in Lower Austria’s Ybbstal go back much further than 20 years. The Bruckbacher works – the direct predecessor to the current plant which now produces more than 5,000 different hot-rolled, cold-rolled and cold drawn special sections – was bought by the Böhler brothers in 1872 as their very first production site. Bruckbach soon became a model plant and was the basis upon which Böhler’s international reputation was founded. In 1995 the Böhler Ybbstalwerke, as they were still known, were divided up and the plant in Bruckbach became an autonomous business – Böhler Profil GmbH. And so 20 years ago Böhler PROFIL became both an independent production site and single enterprise. And the success story began.

Böhler PROFIL product spectrum

Today Böhler PROFIL focuses on six key sectors:

  • Energy: production of preliminary sections for gas and steam turbines.
  • Oil and gas industry: manufacture of pre-materials for fixings used on offshore platforms.
  • Automotive: sections with extremely tight tolerances for lubrication pumps operating at exceptionally high pressures.
  • Aviation: Böhler sections are used in both jet engines and structural components. Every single Airbus A320 is built using sections from Böhler. Accordingly, now the second-largest customer segment, aviation generates 20% of the company’s overall revenue.
  • Engineering: here the primary focus is special engineering for customers requiring highly customized, near net-shaped contours in order avoid, or at least minimize, final machining.
  • Industrial knives: a core activity and the largest revenue generator is the production of industrial knives. In 2000 this heralded the starting point for economic growth.

‘Reversible knives’ project marks a major milestone

asymmetrical sections

The employees at Böhler PROFIL are specialists in asymmetrical sections.

In 2000 a product was developed on behalf of a Canadian customer for use in the production of oriented strand board (OSB), North America’s no. 1 construction material. The disposable blade system is used to produce wood chips of a set length which are then pressed into boards. This was followed by construction of a production line dedicated to the manufacture of these reversible knives at the site, and there are further ambitious plans to develop this flagship product.

Factors in Böhler PROFIL’s success

Böhler PROFILIn addition to the economic upswing enjoyed as a consequence of the industrial knives project launched almost 15 years ago, other factors also contribute to the company’s success. Most of our success is contributable to our employees. Although with only 125 employees and 17 temporary workers the company is the smallest production company within the Special Steel Division, this also makes it very flexible and quick. For example, production shifts can be switched within two days when required. In turn, we try to do everything for our employees at Böhler PROFIL. A further key factor is the power to create innovative products and processes.

Viktoria Steiniger (Maternity Leave)