Bloggers attend the voestalpine Winter Games 3 minutes spent reading

Bloggers attend the voestalpine Winter Games

Marion Vicenta Payr
Marion Vicenta Payr is a photographer, instagramer and travel blogger. She is known as @ladyvenom, since 2016 she is self-employed and advises companies on influencer marketing and social media.

When voestalpine issues invitations to its first Winter Games, everyone answers the call! More than 1,000 employees signed up for the highly sought-after 120 places. The international participants from over 40 countries at this superlative staff event were also joined by a group of bloggers.

Influencer marketing in B2B

As an innovative B2B enterprise, voestalpine puts great emphasis on leveraging the power of influencer marketing and social media. When it comes to convincing young employees about the company and positioning voestalpine as an attractive employer, there is value in communicating through appropriate role models on the appropriate channels. Instagram, Instagram Stories, and blogs help bring voestalpine to the attention of the followers of their generation.

voestalpine Winter Games

Foto: Marion Payr

Live reporting from the Red Bull Ring

The four Bloggers

  • Klara Fuchs (@klarafuchs_com),
  • Nina Radman (@berriesandpassion),
  • Sabrina Majnek (@berosa_gogreen) und
  • Raffael Payr (@lionheaded)

reported live on the #voestalpinegames via Instagram and Instagram Stories, and took the chance to have a go at the many sporting disciplines themselves.

Red Bull Ring

Foto: Marion Payr

The Red Bull Ring with the voestalpine wing was the spectacular backdrop for winter sport disciplines including curling and luge, downhill skiing and ice hockey. But it wouldn’t be a voestalpine event if there wasn’t a creative twist to each sporting discipline. For example, instead of strapping on a pair of skis, the giant slalom involved starting up a vehicle. And the voestalpine luge was run as a relay race, with the team members racing down the large slide on inflatable tires.

Employer branding with bloggers

While the employees were busy in their teams fighting it out for a place in the biathlon final, the blogger team were more relaxed as they headed to the start, knowing they faced no competition. They battled for the best photos and stories for their fans, rather than medals, and posted dozens of Instagram Stories from the Winter Games to their accounts, to a total of more than 220,000 followers.

The objective: to demonstrate to a wider audience that voestalpine is not only one of Austria’s most innovative companies, but also particularly attractive as an employer.

Anyone offering their employees such a unique event experience should be allowed to report on it. The spirit of the team members from over 40 nations inspired the blogger team who joined in to celebrate late into the night after the closing fireworks.

A portrait of our bloggers

Klara Fuchs (@klarafuchs_com)

The best athlete of the team. She not only mastered all the disciplines with flying colors, but also showed her fans that relaxing and having a good laugh is no barrier to success. She was also surprised to discover her own talent for hammering nails into tree trunks!

Click here for her report of the event (German).

Sabrina Majnek (@berosa_gogreen)

The vegan outdoor enthusiast demonstrated that winter sports keep you fit and happy. She isn’t frightened to take a look behind the scenes and doesn’t mince her words. Her favorite discipline: “Get up that mountain!”

Click here for her report of the event (German).

Nina Radman (@berriesandpassion)

Nina always gives us something to laugh about. Her cheerfulness is infectious but does nothing to dampen her sporting enthusiasm. Her talent is particularly evident when it comes to speed, like hopping into a motor buggy as quickly as possible to take a turn on the snow.

Click here for her report of the event (German).

Raffael Payr (@lionheaded)

The cock of the roost. It was great fun for Raffael having so many girls around! He was able to relax and focus on the various disciplines with style. His highlight: his own, freshly cooked vegan menu 😉 But he clearly enjoyed the sliding on tires too!

Click here for his report of the event.


Marion Vicenta Payr