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Air-pollution measures

Volkmar Held
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Filter, insulate, isolate - voestalpine ensures an environmentally friendly atmosphere at its plants around the world.

Where steel and steel products are produced, dust, exhaust gases and noise are generated. Using state-of-the-art technologies, voestalpine ensures that they do not become disturbance factors for the environment. The Group’s activities focus on avoiding emissions and protecting the health of employees. A variety of measures support the implementation of these tasks.

1. Clean air

Due to the technologies used, the exhaust air from the melting units, casting halls and other voestalpine production and treatment plants contains fine dust as well as carbon and nitrogen oxides. To minimize environmental pollution, these are extracted right where they are produced. A sophisticated system keeps the exhaust air as clean as possible.

  • The melting units are enclosed in so-called “doghouses”, which together with the airtight sealing of production buildings, ensure efficient extraction
  • State-of-the-art systems (e.g. jet pulse filters) almost completely prevent dust from escaping
  • Highly advanced processes remove solid and gaseous pollutants from the exhaust air by blowing in absorbents, for example on the sinter belt

Automatic testing systems and external experts monitor compliance with cleanliness specifications. Over the past three decades, voestalpine has reduced its dust emissions by 95% (based on the amount of crude steel produced) and its nitrogen oxide and sulfur oxide emissions by 75% each.

2. Noise prevention

Noise is not only generated by the machines themselves, but also by the extraction systems. The voestalpine sites invest high sums to ensure that the noise in the vicinity of the companies and in the production buildings remains below the disturbance level. Investments to date include:

  • Insulation of indoor and outdoor extraction pipes
  • Enclosure and insulation of units and blowers
  • Low-vibration installation of blowers and pipes
  • Automatic process-based reduction of the blower output

With its measures to reduce emissions, voestalpine sets standards in the EU—and the emission protection measures for the new special steel plant in Kapfenberg once again confirm its position as a leader in this area.








Volkmar Held