Euro coins minted using Böhler Edelstahl steel 2 minutes spent reading

Euro coins minted using Böhler Edelstahl steel

Viktoria Steininger
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The new five-euro “Blue Planet Earth” coin demonstrates the cutting-edge technology that goes into minting coins. Tool steel from Böhler Edelstahl is in demand when it comes to stamping coins.

Böhler Edelstahl euro coinsThe new five-euro coin has been available in Germany since mid-April and has generated a huge amount of hype. Called “Blue Planet Earth”, this coin is something special–it’s the first coin in the world made not just from pure metal, but also a polymer ring.

Cold work tool steel from Böhler Edelstahl for minting coins

Böhler Edelstahl euro coinsWhen it comes to tools for minting coins, Böhler Edelstahl GmbH & Co KG is also in demand. Almost all the world’s mints work with special, extremely hard cold work tool steel which is developed and produced by Böhler Edelstahl. Nine out of ten euro coins are minted using steel from Styria. Coin dies are manufactured using ESR tool steels because of the metal’s particular properties. Each coin die will stamp around 600,000 coins during its lifetime.

What is cold work tool steel?

Cold work tool steels produced by Böhler Edelstahl are used to manufacture tools whose surface temperatures do not exceed 200°C when in operation. The steels must demonstrate the following properties in temperatures up to this level so that the tools they are used to produce–including coin dies–are able to withstand extreme operating stresses:

  • high degree of hardness
  • high level of resistance to abrasion
  • good level of tensile and yield strength
  • high degree of dimensional stability during heat treatment and
  • sufficient workability.

The ideal properties demanded by each application are achieved through the relevant combinations of alloying elements.

Long-term partnership

One of Böhler Edelstahl’s longstanding partners is Austria’s mint, MÜNZE ÖSTERREICH. As well as euro coins, so-called circulation coins, the mint also produces a series of gold and silver coins using steel from Austria.

Viktoria Steininger