What constitutes success in the oil and gas business 2 minutes spent reading

What constitutes success in the oil and gas business

Viktoria Steininger
Holds editorial responsibility for blog topics, is researching and writing articles. Her stories give insights into the world of the voestalpine Group.

Robert Scott, Managing Director of voestalpine Tubular Corporation in Houston Texas, talks about the success of voestalpine Tubulars in the oil and gas business and the reasons for that success.

voestalpine Tubulars is a world leader in seamless Oil Country Tubular Goods. Where does this success stem from?

Robert ScottWe are considered one of the best manufacturers for premium grades worldwide and are therefore ranked alongside other top producers like US Steel, Vallourec, Tenaris, Sumitomo and JFE. That is already quite an achievement when you consider that we are a relatively small manufacturer with a limited size range. When this is the case you have to be especially close to the customers!

It helps here that you are a Texan yourself …

That could be (laughs) – that is also unique. At most of the other foreign OCTG manufacturers, the business in the US is headed by a foreigner – and they don’t always understand our culture and the way we do business.

What sets your customer relationships apart?

Robert Scott

Robert Scott star of the campaign

Our relationships with our distributors in the United States have existed for 20 and in some cases 30 years. Our relationships with the drilling operators go back to 2003. Our success lies in these long-term, stable customer relationships – I’m convinced of that. Customer satisfaction is the magic word.

How do you ensure this customer satisfaction?

It’s the simple things: We do what we promise to do, we hold to our prices, and we deliver on time. When the market moves, we respond. If prices move downward, we adjust our prices so operators remain competitive. And when we have established a program with the distributor, we don’t offer our tubes to any other distributor who might then compete with our program distributor. Trust and fairness are important; that is what counts.

The latest video from the voestalpine image and brand campaign focuses on Oil Country Tubular Goods, produced in Austria and installed in America. An ongoing blog series offers further insight and background information about the product, the areas of application and the market as well as about Robert Scott, the star of the campaign.


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