voestalpine achieves “Leadership” status in the Climate Change Ranking for 2019 3 minutes spent reading

voestalpine achieves “Leadership” status in the Climate Change Ranking for 2019

Christopher Eberl
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The technology group improved over 2018 in the ranking compiled by independent organization CDP, moving from a “B” to an “A-” and placing the company in the best of the 4 categories, namely “Leadership”. voestalpine was also awarded the best possible rating of “A” for “Supplier Engagement”.

Climate protection creates a competitive advantage: in the Climate Change Ranking issued by independent organization CDP—an index increasingly of interest to customers and investors—the technology group improved over 2018, moving up from a “B” to an “A-”. CDP issues scores ranging from “A” to “D-”. “A” and “A-” are the best of the four ranking categories, namely “Leadership”, and denote that specific best practice measures have already been implemented. voestalpine has gained Leadership status for its climate protection efforts for the first time. Of the more than 8,400 companies worldwide included in the 2019 index, only around 2 percent secured a position in the A-list, ahead of voestalpine in the global rankings.

CDP Ranking 2019_1

Companies are evaluated according to eleven different categories, such as engagement along the value chain, quality and scope of emissions data, risk management, transparency on climate protection opportunities and risks, corporate governance, emissions reduction initiatives, and impact on business and financial planning.

The Supplier Engagement Rating assesses strategies and measures designed to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the management of climate risks along the entire delivery chain, especially for suppliers and with respect to transport and logistics. Here voestalpine improved its ranking, from “B” to “A”, the highest possible score, securing its place on the Supplier Engagement Leaderboard. This was an achievement managed by fewer than 160 of the 4,800 companies included in the Supplier Engagement Rating.


Christopher Eberl