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Villares Metals wins CIP Award 2014

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The project for reusing water at Villares Metals won first place in the Environmental category of the CIP Award 2014.

project team

The project team: José Roberto Murari, Pedro Celso de Oliveira, Walter Tomio Tsuda, Reginara da Silva Alvarenga Pereira, Denis da Silva de Paula, Marcelo Bartilotti Pinto de Oliveira, Juliano Henrique Campanholi, and Zoilo Manoel dos Santos

Consuming natural resources responsibly is an important duty if we are to ensure a sustainable future for the generations to come. For this reason, Villares Metals in Brazil has implemented a system for treating domestic and industrial effluents. It has built two reusable water storage ponds which together store 11 million liters of water, ready to supply the factory. The value of this idea has been officially acknowledged, with the project winning first place in the CIP Award 2014 Environmental category.

"This initiative follows company sustainability policy and is an innovative project that demonstrates the company's concern for society and its commitment to the environment. "
Zoilo Manoel dos Santos, project team member
"It is rewarding to work at a company which promotes such activities, has strategic vision, and searches for innovative and effective solutions, even in times of crisis."
Reginara da Silva Alvarenga Pereira, Infrastructure department employee and project participant

About the CIP AWARD

The CIP Award (Continuous Improvement Program) is one of the voestalpine Group’s initiatives to recognize and reward great ideas applied by production companies in the Special Steel Division. The ideas are submitted by the employees themselves and then pursued as a common goal, supporting the various pillars of sustainability and hence the overall success of the company. The awards are divided into the following categories:

  • Environmental
  • Health and safety
  • Quality, and
  • Financial impact
Viktoria Steiniger (Maternity Leave)