Second wind park in the starting blocks 2 minutes spent reading

Second wind park in the starting blocks

Christopher Eberl
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The first maintenance-free lattice tower was tested in September 2012 in Neuenbrook, northern Germany. The DIBt, Germany’s institute of civil engineering, has certified that the tower is indeed maintenance-free. A second wind park is now being installed in Bahrenfleth in the summer of 2013.

Second wind park in the starting blocksA total of three wind energy towers, each with a hub height of 100 m, will be erected here. At heights of 100 m and above, the towers are significantly more efficient than conventional towers. Compared to other types of construction, the advantage of lattice towers lies in their meshwork of bars which lend them great strength and stability, despite the reduced volume of construction materials. This form of construction also helps the towers blend more easily into the landscape.

In contrast to the prototype in Neuenbrook, the lattice towers will have four rather than three corner posts. As in Neuenbrook the turbines are supplied by Vensys, and have a wingspan of 100 meters. Work is going on apace in Bahrenfleth to construct the foundations. Once this work is completed the maintenance-free lattice towers can be erected.

voestalpine Windproject – world’s first maintenance-free lattice tower

Christopher Eberl