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Rolling stand a great success

Volkmar Held

The new heavy plate rolling stand has been in operation at voestalpine since November 2015. What’s most important is that the stand's operation is stable and precise to the full satisfaction of the operators and customers.

The new heavy plate rolling stand was punctually put into operation on 16 November 2015. After only four weeks of scheduled downtime, the new core unit in heavy-plate manufacturing was installed and ready for the first test runs. It would have taken twice that long, had the project team at voestalpine Grobblech GmbH not taken the task into their own hands.

Good-bye to the old rolling stand

The older model had done a good job since 1958 and had rolled a total of 25 million tons of slabs into heavy plates, but it had really taken a beating. Cracks in the key stabilizing unit of the rolling stand, the column, had weakened and led to the necessity of replacement. Months before the new stand was installed, it had been completely assembled only 100 meters away from the old one in order to conduct functional testing under trial operating conditions. Components that require very long delivery times, such as the backup rolls, had already been ordered four years prior to this.

Installed in record time

The new stand was pre-assembled from October 2014 through October 2015, including all of the mechanical components, adjoining equipment and the safety systems. Testing was conducted to the full satisfaction of the team and made it possible to introduce the more sporty part of the project, which was dismantling the old rolling stand and moving the new one into its final operating position. Installing a 3000-ton stand in only 31 days was a world record!

New rolling stand

In operation since 16 November 2015: The new rolling stand of voestalpine Grobblech.

High precision and high satisfaction

It is not just the precision of this amazing unit that has enthused marketing manager of voestalpine Grobblech GmbH Christian Fischer. The performance parameters of the new rolling stand over the past seven months have been an outstanding tribute to the team. “The production line was run up to speed in a very short period of time and was available for full operation just as quickly,” said Fischer in praising his colleagues. The employees know how to operate the new roll displacement feature perfectly to adjust flatness and thickness of the plates for the highest precision. Customers of voestalpine Grobblech are visibly impressed by the excellent performance of the new rolling stand.

8000 tons of rolling force

The new rolling stand owes its efficiency to the ability and preparedness of the operating personnel to take matters into their own hands and meet the new challenges. The ultra-modern automation system, for instance, requires a great deal of training to operate. The operating staff have been extremely willing to accept new work, including activities at the new rolling stand, which is now in operation with a total of 8000 tons of rolling force. The new columns have been equipped with twice the previous level of rigidity, another factor in high precision.

  • The rolling stand revamp took a total of 31 days.
  • The maximum rolling force is 8000 tons.
  • A total of 22 kilometers of cables and 21 kilometers of piping were laid.
  • Relieved of the weight of its ancillary equipment, the rolling stand weighed 1200 tons when it was moved from its pre-assembly into its final operating position.
  • The drive torque amounts to 2 x 7200 kNm (kilonewton meters).
  • The stand parts come from South Korea, China, the United States, Germany and Austria.

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