Growing energy sector in South East Asia 2 minutes spent reading

Growing energy sector in South East Asia

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The oil and gas industry, as well as the chemicals industry, are important markets for voestalpine in South East Asia.

china energieThe energy sector is very important for the voestalpine Group – it accounted for around 16 percent of overall revenue in the business year 2012/13. It is intended to increase this share to around 20 percent by 2020. The market in South East Asia will play a fundamental role in achieving this goal, especially in China. Due to the high population density, a stable electricity supply and the development of sustainable energy sources are an important issue. As well as the chemicals industry, it is the oil and gas exploration and turbine construction sectors in particular which are relevant for voestalpine.


Bohler Pacific in Singapore: materials for oil & gas

The new Böhler subsidiary Bohler Pacific Pte. Ltd. was recently established in Singapore. Its focus lies in the sale of special materials for the oil & gas sector. Over the past years Singapore has developed to become the center of this industry in South East Asia. The site has been in existence since April 2013 and is intended to become the hub for all of South East Asia.


The KW50+ future power plant project

kraftwerk 50+Another relevant subject is the Group’s KW50+ power plant project. A large part of the technology for this research project will be developed in South East Asia.

The KW50+ project is aimed at developing suitable materials for steam turbines which work at greater levels of output efficiency. The goal is to reach higher steam temperatures (700 degrees Celsius) in steam turbines, and consequently higher output efficiency (> 50 percent). Increasing the thermal efficiency factor leads to a both rise in energy efficiency and reduced pollutant emissions.

mitteldruck innengehäuseAchieving this goal requires the availability and producibility of suitable materials. voestalpine components will be used in key elements such as steam generators and in the turbine. The filler materials for all the welding joints this involves will also be sourced from voestalpine.

Customers from all over the world have already expressed interest in an overall solution from a single source – voestalpine.


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Viktoria Steiniger (Maternity Leave)