Environmentally friendly product innovation for Environmentally friendly product innovation for OCTG 2 minutes spent reading

Environmentally friendly product innovation for Environmentally friendly product innovation for OCTG

Volkmar Held
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Instead of thread lubricants, voestalpine Tubulars uses a dry coating allowing the oil country tubular goods, or OCTG, to be repeatedly connected and disconnected. It also reduces pressure on the environment, as thread lubricants usually contain heavy metals.

Drilling for gas and oil deposits usually takes place under tough conditions, creating particular demand for reliability and efficiency. With the new, dry thread coating DryTec® for OCTG, voestalpine Tubulars is making on-site handling easier, while also reducing the environmental impact.

It’s faster

In order to reach oil and natural gas deposits at enormous depths, kilometer-long stretches of tubing are screwed together at the drilling sites. To date this involved cleaning protective storage grease from the threads, and then applying a precise quantity of thread paste. Too little or too much damages the equipment and the environment. This poses a significant challenge when working under time pressure and in extreme climatic conditions. The dry thread coating DryTec® from voestalpine Tubulars now makes safe handling a reality.

It’s cleaner

DryTec® protects and supports oil field equipment during transport and in operation. The dry coating is stable for repeated use, and replaces the greases and pastes formerly used. A clear advantage for the environment:

  • less contamination at the rig and in the well;
  • long-lasting corrosion protection during transport and storage;
  • reduced environmental impact.

In addition, the permanent and precisely measured coating for premium connections on OCTG shortens workflows.

It’s being launched

“DryTec® puts us a step ahead in the oil field equipment market,” says sales director Kurt Niederberger, stressing the importance of this voestalpine innovation. Tubing coated with DryTec® means a high level of operating safety without the need for further auxiliary materials. The premium tubing with the new thread coating offers customers significant added value in terms of economic efficiency and environmental protection.

Volkmar Held