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Australia offers great potential for voestalpine Tubulars

Viktoria Steininger
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Australia’s natural gas reserves are vast. voestalpine Tubulars GmbH & Co KG is well placed to profit significantly from projects in Australia in the coming years, and the first successes have already been notched up.

Australia has a relatively extensive range of natural gas resources. Over the past years, the state has invested heavily in the infrastructure needed to extract and distribute this source of energy. This also encourages the exploitation of unconventional gas reserves. Accordingly, natural gas has become an important industrial factor in Australia.

Great potential

Unconventional energy sources including shale gas, tight gas, and coal gas are currently being commercially exploited in regions within the federal states of West Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, and South Australia. Many projects run by small and medium-sized companies are currently in the exploration or preparatory phase. Thanks to ever more efficient methods of producing natural gas, shale gas and tight gas are increasingly being extracted. voestalpine Tubulars GmbH & Co KG wishes to exploit the medium-term market potential for thousands of tons of special tubes in the best possible way. The small and medium-sized oil and natural gas companies are the ones which are most interesting during this acquisition phase, and with whom voestalpine Tubulars can grow by means of technological partnerships.

Premium products for the most sophisticated requirements

voestalpine Tubulars has gained valuable experience in the USA and Canada, is excellently positioned, and has extensive knowledge in the field of seamless OCTG with standard and premium connections. The company will also draw on this wealth of experience for its activities in Australia. The product portfolio is perfect for the local market: with dimensions of up to 7 inches in external diameter and a range of connections and steel grades, it meets the expectations of the most sophisticated customers in this segment. Additionally, the costs of transport and logistics are reasonable, despite shipping to the other side of the world.

Success from a single source

Australian customers prefer full-service providers who offer the full range of dimensions and grades and therefore, for around the last four years, voestalpine Tubulars has been working in cooperation with a local partner. This gives the onshore customer access to a total package of voestalpine Tubulars pipes in the premium segment. The first successes have already been notched up: over the past years, several thousand tons of tubes with premium connections and special grades have already been sold to several customers in Australia, and installed to their technical satisfaction.

Top quality products from voestalpine Tubulars

voestalpine Tubulars produces high-tensile seamless steel pipes with an external diameter of up to 7 inches (177.8 mm) in a quality unmatched worldwide. As well as OCTG, voestalpine Tubulars manufactures green pipe for drawing shops, mechanical tubes, boiler and heat exchanger tubes, and pressure and line pipes. These products are used

  • in the commercial vehicles and automotive industry,
  • in tunnel construction,
  • in the petrochemicals industry,
  • in crane construction, and
  • in refineries.

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Viktoria Steininger