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voestalpine gives hope

Christopher Eberl
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The voestalpine Group is donating a total of EUR 1.25 million to support people affected by the war in Ukraine, in particular children, adolescents, and young families. The donation helps a variety of aid organizations including UNICEF, whose Blue Dot family centers are important hubs for women and children fleeing the war.

“Children and adolescents are the ones who suffer most in crisis situations and in war. UNICEF can only help girls and boys with support from strong partners like voestalpine. Children in particular are exposed to grave danger while on the move. We thank voestalpine for helping support our work with people in Ukraine and those forced to flee their homes. Help gives hope,” says Christoph Jünger, CEO of UNICEF Austria.

Geflüchtete in den

© UNICEF/UNI330922/Filippov

Humanitarian assistance for Ukraine

Hundreds of tons of relief supplies have already arrived in Ukraine, including medical equipment and medicine destined primarily for hospitals and maternity wards. UNICEF is also providing people in Ukraine with clean water, and toiletry items such as diapers. In addition to aid for people in Ukraine, another focus lies in providing support for those forced to flee their homes.

Betroffene des Ukraine-Krieges in den Blue Dot“-Familienzentren

Blue Dots: © UNICEF/UN0599522/Vockel

Blue Dot: Safe spaces for young families and adolescents

The ‘Blue Dot’ family centers play an important role. Established along border crossings, these centers serve as a first contact point, providing young families and children with essential supplies as well as valuable information and practical support to help them on their journey. For children, Blue Dot hubs are also safe spaces to rest and play. Children and their parents are also given psychosocial support, first aid treatment, and desperately needed supplies and advice.

The following video shows the support UNICEF provides in the Blue Dot hubs.

Video: © UNICEF 2022


Christopher Eberl