voestalpine supports the world-famous Cleveland Orchestra 2 minutes spent reading

voestalpine supports the world-famous Cleveland Orchestra

Viktoria Steiniger (Maternity Leave)
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voestalpine initiates and supports many projects in the arts and cultural scene through cooperative projects. To mark the centenary of the world-famous Cleveland Orchestra conducted by Franz Welser-Möst, the voestalpine Group is sponsoring the orchestra for two years.

The world-famous Cleveland Orchestra, based in Cleveland, Ohio, will be celebrating its centenary over the next two 2017-2018 seasons. To mark this centenary, the voestalpine Group is supporting the work of the symphony orchestra and its activities, including numerous program highlights scheduled for the USA and in Europe. This includes Austria, with two concerts planned in Linz in fall 2017, and another five in Vienna in 2018. Franz Welser-Möst, the orchestra’s conductor for the past 16 years, was born in Linz, so that the concerts in his home city are sure to be a highlight.

Values that bind

The birthplace of conductor Franz Welser-Möst is also the home of the voestalpine Group, symbolically expressing their close connection. Just as voestalpine is a global leading technology and capital goods Group in its product areas, the Cleveland Orchestra is regarded as one of the world’s best, and has been ranked the “best American orchestra” by the New York Times. Imagination, innovation, and curiosity are strongly embedded in the voestalpine philosophy, and help to shape the Group’s products and processes. These values play an equally important role for the orchestra:

"The exceptional musicality and commitment demonstrated by this orchestra ensures that, with every completed season, the orchestra enjoys growing popularity here at home and around the world. The musical curiosity and intellect of the audience encourages all of us here on stage to dream beyond the past and to explore new musical horizons."
Franz Welser Möst

Viktoria Steiniger (Maternity Leave)