These people turn racing at the Red Bull Ring into a true experience 3 minutes spent reading

These people turn racing at the Red Bull Ring into a true experience

Viktoria Steiniger (Maternity Leave)
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As well as the 20 Formula One drivers from 10 teams, there are also many others helping to make the Formula One race at the Red Bull Ring a special event.


These people turn racing at the Red Bull Ring into a true experience

At any Formula One race the focus is primarily on the main players: the 20 drivers in the 10 Formula One racing teams. At the Austrian Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring on June 21, 2015 they’ll be supported by 50 Formula Unas and around 95,000 fans.

Naturally, each Formula One team also has a large crew in the background, consisting of engineers, crew chief, technical director, team manager and many more. There will also be 1,972 Formula One employees in action over the race weekend, including logistics experts, medical personnel, and others.

The pit stop crew

An important role at the race is played by the pit stop crews, because during a pit stop every second counts. At just 1.923 seconds, Red Bull holds the pit stop tire change world record! Only the world’s best mechanics make it into the pit team. A total of 22 mechanics are ready and waiting in the box:

  • As refueling during a race is forbidden the mechanics only have around 3 seconds to change all the tires.
  • 3 people wait beside each wheel to change the tire: one removes the wheel, the second pulls it away, the third attaches the replacement.
  • 2 people jack up the vehicle and then let it down again.
  • 4 people adjust the spoiler or clean the air-filter housing.

The pit lane is opened 30 minutes before the race begins. The tires have to be fitted 3 minutes before the reconnaissance lap. The engines are turned on 1 minute before the warm-up round, and all the mechanics must have left the start/finishing straight in front of the voestalpine wing 15 seconds beforehand.

The voestalpine wing as media center

The new voestalpine wing has not only been the architectural highlight of the Red Bull Ring since 2014, it also serves as the media center for around 550 press representatives from around the world. Footage of the racing will be broadcast in 185 countries.

Safety is assured

364 marshalls, 500 security staff, 150 doctors and paramedics, 21 ambulances, 350 police officers, 70 fire fighters and 2 rescue helicopters all work to ensure the safety of racing at the Red Bull Ring.

These people, and many others, turn Formula One racing at the Red Bull Ring into a true experience!

Viktoria Steiniger (Maternity Leave)