Höhenrausch 2014 with the voestalpine open space: taking stock 3 minutes spent reading

Höhenrausch 2014 with the voestalpine open space: taking stock

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This year's Höhenrausch 2014 attracted around 130,000 visitors. One of the many event highlights was the new voestalpine open space.

voestalpine open space

voestalpine open space

A new cultural and event space was built high above the Linz Kulturquartier in Upper Austria in 2014: the “voestalpine open space”. This new cultural and spatial laboratory, the only one of its kind in the world, opens up new opportunities for exciting cultural projects, and was the highlight of Höhenrausch 2014. Over 116 days it drew in around 130,000 visitors—an average of 1.7 visitors a minute! Since its opening in June, visitors streamed into the exhibition held over the roofs of Linz as they do every year. Hundreds of visitors came, even on the many rainy days during August and September. And therefore, the average visitor levels of 1,120 per day (compared with 1,227 in 2013) are extremely satisfactory.


The voestalpine open space as the event highlight

Giant Billard

Giant Billard

The new voestalpine open space construction extended the exhibition area on the roof, linking it with the OK and making it accessible to everyone. voestalpine Krems Finaltechnik GmbH erected the open steel structure of the voestalpine open space using systems normally applied in high-bay warehousing projects worldwide. The architectural design is the work of Riepl Riepl Architects, developed in close cooperation with the OÖ Kulturquartier and voestalpine Krems Finaltechnik.


The Sommerkino 2014 was also held in the voestalpine open space

During Höhenrausch 2014, the newly created space housed the Giant Billard project by Haus-Rucker-Co. The Sommerkino 2014 was also held in the voestalpine open space for the first time.

The voestalpine open space succeeded in lending a whole new dimension to the Höhenrausch. The new and open cultural and event space is not only architecturally and optically enticing, its quality lies in its many potential uses.


voestalpine—an important partner

bill fontana

Bill Fontana visited the hot rolling mill in Linz

voestalpine has been a partner to the Höhenrausch in many ways, not only constructing the voestalpine open space but also in the recent production of a work by audio artist Bill Fontana, bringing the hot rolling mill live into the exhibition.

Outlook for Höhenrausch 2015

It is all about angels, flying creatures, birds, and their cultural and art historical background. The church tower and roofs will again be part of the circuit. The roof of the Passage Linz and the garage, as well as the voestalpine open space, will all house major new artistic projects. Höhenrausch 2015 is scheduled to open on June 11.


Viktoria Steiniger (Maternity Leave)