Environmental protection in a technology and capital goods group: (not) a contradiction in terms? 2 minutes spent reading

Environmental protection in a technology and capital goods group: (not) a contradiction in terms?

Mareike Felhofer
Mareike Felhofer was responsible for employee communications in the Internal Communications team from 2013 to 2019. For the Corporate Blog, she mainly wrote articles on the topics of health & safety, corporate responsibility, environment and energy or employee campaigns and events.

Over the next months a communication focus on the environment will examine how, with its environmentally friendly products and processes, voestalpine has developed to become a pioneer in the industry, and how the Group is applying sustainable measures and innovative projects to steel itself for a “green” future.

International pioneering role

Sustainable environmental protection is an integral element of the voestalpine corporate philosophy and, as part of the Group’s social responsibility, is anchored in its environmental principles. For many years now, voestalpine has been consistently implementing measures to improve environmental standards, in order to reduce the impact of ongoing corporate activities on the environment to a minimum. With its sustainable solutions and technologies, today the Group is rightly regarded as an environmental pioneer in its industry.

"For decades sustainable production processes, the responsible management of resources, and using the best possible technologies have been integral to our company philosophy and our operative activities. At the same time, these premises form the basis for our claim to long-term quality leadership in products and services."
Wolfgang Eder

Investments in environmental protection

This pioneering role is not only demonstrated by the current expenditure figures for operational environmental protection, and the associated savings in process-related emissions which the Group has been making for decades. It is also apparent in the exceptional level of environmental investment into active, long-term strategies and innovation projects designed to achieve gradual decarbonization in steel production. All in all, the Group has invested significantly more than EUR 2 billion in the environmental sphere in the past ten years alone.

Environment the focus of communication activities

Over the next months our communication focus will be “Environment” as we explore current voestalpine initiatives and projects on our internal and external channels.

Information about our focus on environment is available at www.voestalpine.com/environment

Mareike Felhofer