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Viktoria Steininger
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The full-throttle DTM has a cult following that includes more than just fans of motor racing. This is mainly because the models used here are similar to the production models of the three German premium brands: the Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM, BMW M4 DTM and Audi RS5 DTM, with roughly 500 hp 4-liter V8 powertrains, feature power, dynamics and a sound that quickens the pulse of every racing fan.


Foto: Red Bull Content Pool. Mattias Ekstroem races during the DTM Championship 2015 at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, Austria on August 2nd, 2015

Less noticeable but just as interesting from a technical perspective: the measures taken to ensure maximum safety. All DTM touring race cars are based on a high-tech design using a carbon fiber monocoque and a roll cage made from high-strength steel. This makes the racing series a testing ground for innovative suppliers and manufacturers that also build their production models using high-performance steels like phs-ultraform® from voestalpine, which offers twice the strength of normal steels. This property also makes it possible to produce thinner and therefore lighter components, which in turn use less fuel.

The carbon fiber composites used in the DTM racers have also long been used in series production. Initially used only in sports cars due to the expense of their manufacture, they have meanwhile made their way into the compact segment as well. One unique feature of the DTM: because the manufacturers primarily use standard components, racing success is determined here above all by the driver and tactics.

DTM at the Red Bull Ring

voestalpine wing

voestalpine wing. Copyright: Philip Platzer, Red Bull Content Pool

This guarantees high excitement – the course may already be set for the entire season in the second race event of the season on May 20 to 22 in Spielberg. Both races on that weekend (Saturday and Sunday) can best be viewed from the Red Bull grandstands or from the start-and-finish grandstands with the visually striking voestalpine wing. Between the races, the driver’s paddock will be open to the public – a unique opportunity.

After that race is completed it’s time to start preparing for the next one: additional highlights in this ultra-hot summer of motor racing will include the Formula One race for the Austrian Grand Prix from July 1 to 3, and the MotoGP European motorcycle championship on August 14.


Viktoria Steininger