1 year voestalpine wing – the gate to the Red Bull Ring 3 minutes spent reading

1 year voestalpine wing – the gate to the Red Bull Ring

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voestalpine wing celebrates its first birthday! Exactly one year ago today, on April 10, 2014, the collaboration between voestalpine and Projekt Spielberg was officially announced. A fitting occasion to take a look back at action-filled events and a look forward to 2015.

voestalpine wingvoestalpine AG and Projekt Spielberg have been collaborating since 2014 on the new architectural highlight of the Red Bull Ring: the voestalpine wing. Located right next to the start/finishing straights, this building is the center of all Red Bull Ring activities. The multifunctional event and welcome center can accommodate up to 500 persons and serves as a media center for journalists during Formula 1 racing.

This cooperation clearly demonstrates voestalpine’s commitment to Styria and underscores its competence in the automotive sector. The final reason for this involvement is the international broadcasting power of a major event like the Austrian Grand Prix.

Facts and figures: 1 year voestalpine wing

2014 was not only the year voestalpine wing was born, it was also the start of many other activities and highlights for the Red Bull Ring. The voestalpine wing collaboration between voestalpine and the Spielberg Project is now entering its second season. A fitting occasion to take a look at the key highlights of the year and take a look at the exciting events planned for 2015.

The world’s biggest Formula 1 wing

The voestalpine wing was designed to mirror the spoiler on a racing car. The building’s architecture is only possible thanks to steel: 900 tons of steel were used in the construction, giving the voestalpine wing its impressive form. If you were to build a Formula 1 racing car to fit this spoiler, it would be 650 meters long.


Highlight races in 2014

During the highlight races (F1, DTM, ELMS, Truck Race Trophy and ADAC GT Masters), the voestalpine wing was passed 22,632 times. 93,894 kilometers were driven, more than two laps around the globe.

An attraction

In 2014, more than 353,500 visitors followed the highlight events (F1, DTM, Truck Race Trophy, ADAC GT Masters and the Red Bull Air Race) in Spielberg, excitedly awaiting the decision to see who would cross the finish line in front of the voestalpine wing first.


International spotlight

In 2014, the Red Bull Ring and the voestalpine wing were seen in 185 countries. More than 920 hours of broadcasts of the highlight events (F1, DTM, Truck Race Trophy, ADAC GT Masters and the Red Bull Air Race) reached almost 400 million viewers.


Safe and stable

The voestalpine wing has to withstand wind loads of almost 60 tons, the equivalent of 60 compact cars.


Sun, snow and rain in 2014

  • Highest temperature 35.2°C on 20.7.2014
  • Lowest temperature -13.5°C on 30.1.2014
  • Rainfall quantities 1,084 liters/m² = more than 2,000,000 liters of water have fallen on the voestalpine wing


voestalpine brings the Red Bull Ring to life

In 2014, 2500 voestalpine employees attended events at the Red Bull Ring – and in 2015, many more events are planned, such as the “voestalpine Grand Prix”, trainees at the Truck Race Trophy, and also sales, strategy and communications conferences.


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