voestalpine Polynorm has the most content temporary workers 2 minutes spent reading
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voestalpine Polynorm has the most content temporary workers

Christopher Eberl
Holds editorial responsibility for career topics and for the apprentice website. His stories offer insights into the world of work at voestalpine.

In 2012, voestalpine Polynorm B.V. was selected as a preferred employer by one of the largest temporary employment agencies in the Netherlands. There’s a reason for the success!

Links: Toon van den Bogaard, voestalpine Polynorm Human Resource; Rechts: Vertreter der Zeitarbeitsfirma OTTO Work ForceIn addition to its permanent staff of almost 700 employees, at times up to 200 temporary workers are busy on behalf of voestalpine Polynorm. Having flexible temporary workers enables the machinery to be used to optimum capacity and permanent staff levels to be held constant. Roughly half of the temporary workers comes from the company OTTO Work Force. As the largest temporary employment agency in the Netherlands, this is one of the few agencies who survey their workers at length about their satisfaction with their temporary employer. They ask about issues such as treating employees with respect, the availability of information and the working environment. In the second half-yearly survey for 2012, voestalpine Polynorm B.V. achieved the maximum possible score, leaving no fewer than 30 well-known, major Dutch enterprises in its wake.

voestalpine Polynorm places great importance on safety, good working conditions and the thorough training of temporary employees who have been part of the team for a while. When economic circumstances allow, the best of them are offered permanent employment. Toon van den Bogaard, responsible for Human Resources, is delighted with the survey results and gives his reason for the success: “Although there is a formal difference between temporary employees and permanent staff, in our everyday work we try to keep this difference to a minimum.”

Christopher Eberl

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