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voestalpine information campaign as part of the Steel Safety Day 2018

Christopher Eberl
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The World Steel Association commemorates Steel Safety Day each year on the 28th of April. In commemoration of this day, voestalpine has initiated an information campaign aiming at raising employee awareness of near-accidents and unsafe behaviors.

This is the fifth year in a row that World Steel Association (worldsteel) is sponsoring Steel Safety Day on the 28th of April. The backdrop for the initiative is the World Day for Safety and Health at Work introduced in 1984 by the International Labor Organization (ILO). The aim is to increase awareness of the most frequent causes of accidents (identified as moving machinery, falling from heights, falling objects, on-site traffic and process safety incidents) and thus to make the work environment safer for all employees in the worldwide steelmaking industry. Every year, more than 160 members of the World Steel Association are called upon to participate.


An amazing 95% of all accidents are caused by unsafe behavior. Only 5% are attributed to technical defects. Two-thirds of all accidents in the voestalpine Group lead to hand, finger and leg injuries, which is why the Group health & safety organization focuses on near-accidents and unsafe behaviors.


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Information campaign intended to build awareness

In commemoration of Steel Safety Day, placards were distributed to the divisions highlighting how professionals work safely at great heights and how they protect their hands and fingers.

“Professionals work safely”—health & safety at the voestalpine Group

Our vision at voestalpine is zero accidents and no occupational illnesses.

Work safety must be an integral constituent of our meetings, where it is essential to raise awareness of the dangers and risks of accidents. In commemorating Steel Safety Day, the World Steel Association has asked that comprehensive audits be conducted in order to sensitize people to the most frequent causes of incidents. Our vision at voestalpine is zero accidents and no occupational illnesses. We intend to achieve this goal by implementing the following:

  • Group-wide minimum standards as a foundation for a culture of health and safety
  • In-depth division and company measures (workshops, Group Safety Day, best practice etc.)
"Safety at the workplace and the avoidance of accidents is our highest objective. We are taking measures to increase awareness in order to one day reach our goal of zero accidents. Exchange with other safety experts worldwide is the only way we can learn from one another and implement best practice across divisions and companies."
ZitatFranz Gleiss, Chief Health & Safety Officer, voestalpine AG
Christopher Eberl

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