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voestalpine Employee Participation celebrates its 15th anniversary

Christopher Eberl
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Yesterday, the voestalpine employee shareholding program celebrated its 15th anniversary; on November 1, 2000, the supplementary collective agreement that was required to set up an employee shareholding program took effect.

kuchen_mitarbeiterbeteiligungIn 2000, the voestalpine shareholding program was established jointly by the company’s management and the Works Council. The employees became co-owners of their company, and their shares were bundled in a foundation. Under this model, which is unique worldwide, the employees have a direct stake in the success of the company. At 14.7%, they are currently the second largest core shareholder of the voestalpine Group.

"“At the time, there were no models that we could have followed, so we developed the shareholding model ourselves. There was a certain amount of risk involved because we did not know how well this would work. "
ZitatMax Stelzer, Executive member of the Management Board of voestalpine Mitarbeiterbeteiligung Privatstiftung

International success

Today, the voestalpine employee shareholding model is acknowledged and respected all over Europe and has become an important component of voestalpine’s corporate culture.

Currently, 24,300 active voestalpine employees hold around 24 million shares. Together with former employees’ voting rights, this corresponds to 14.7% of all company shares. As a result, the voestalpine employees are the second largest core shareholder, giving the company a stable ownership structure. All 51 Austrian Group companies are integrated into the program, as are 70 companies in the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, Belgium, Czech Republic, and Italy (as of September 2015).


A total of nine different models have been developed for the Austrian companies; additionally, there are seven international models for countries in Europe where the Group operates. Models for Switzerland, France, and Sweden are currently being developed.

The following brief film shows the success story of this unique shareholding model and lets employees from various company locations talk about what the voestalpine shareholding program means to them:

Christopher Eberl

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