Twelve voestalpine employees at the Spartan Race 2 minutes spent reading
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Twelve voestalpine employees at the Spartan Race

Christopher Eberl
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A team of sport-enthusiastic voestalpine Automotive Body Parts employees took part in the tough and challenging Spartan Race in Atlanta, Georgia (US).

Oliver Kässer, Executive Vice President of Engineering at voestalpine Automotive Body Parts, has been a keen participant in the legendary Spartan Race for two years now. He mentioned his compassion for the race in a conversation with a supervisor and was promptly tasked to set up a ten-person voestalpine team. No sooner said than done!

A question of strength and endurance

The Spartan Race is 4.4 Miles (approx. 7 kilometers) long and features 15 obstacles. Whoever makes it to the finish will have had their fair share of dirt, as the obstacles are anything but petty: crawling through mud underneath barb wire fence, carrying sandbags, climbing walls and ropes, diving below structures. Running stamina alone doesn’t cut it; overall fitness and toughness are demanded. The voestalpine team “International Dream Team” was very well prepared and trained.

"Proud of the Team that everybody conquered this challenge and impressed how the Team worked together to handle the obstacles and supported each other."
Oliver Kässer, voestalpine Automotive Body Parts

The twelve members of the voestalpine Team were: Christian Scheyhing, Leonard Meyer, Maurice Stradinger, Bobby Ferguson, Bryan Mackey, Brandi Ingram, Oliver Kässer, Pinar Tokur, Heidi Hoyt, Hector Fernandez, Rudy Martinez and Lars Pierson.


Training during lunch break

Obviously one cannot go into a Spartan Race unprepared. The team around Oliver Kässer created its own training schedule and trained during lunch break two to three times a week. Additionally, three Cross Fit training units at the local gym were organized. Fun and teambuilding were just as important as athleticism and training.

"It was a great team building experience and lots of fun. The only way I was able to complete the race was because of my supportive teammates helping me over the difficult obstacles. I look forward to the next Super Spartan race in Asheville, NC August 2016."
Heidi Hoyt

Health is an important topic at voestalpine Automotive Body Parts.  Free fruit for employees and the participation in the Spartan Race adds to the company’s philosophy. For members of the “International Dream Team” the race was a unique and great experience – some of them already signed up for the next.

"I would have never made it without the team pushing and assisting! This is a great way to build a bond and team amongst co-workers. Looking forward to more opportunities with these guys!"
Bryan Mackey


Christopher Eberl

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