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Together, staying one step ahead!

Christopher Eberl
Holds editorial responsibility for career topics and for the apprentice website. His stories offer insights into the world of work at voestalpine.

Just one sentence is all that is needed to explain why voestalpine is a world leader in all of its business segments: because here, exceptional people work together to tackle the future. Reason enough to give special emphasis to our extraordinary employees.

One step ahead! Our slogan gets right to the heart of what makes voestalpine special. It is the pursuit of being a leader in taking on responsibility for the future. The future of our customers, society, the environment and, of course, of our company. It’s a fact: machinery, algorithms, and furnaces are unable to accept responsibility. Only people can do that. Extraordinary women and men who feel that forward thinking and a strong commitment are perfectly natural along with lifelong learning. And mutual appreciation. These are just the people who work at voestalpine.

Thinking in terms of the big picture

There are a number of qualities needed to stay one step ahead. Like a passion for working together to find innovative solutions. At all levels, in all departments, across the board. In other words, the big picture is more than just something we look at. We need people who can look—and think—outside the box. Katharina Steiner from our Research and Development department sums it up perfectly: “The desire to innovate and seek out new paths is part of the job description.”


However, there is more to our employees than just the desire to innovate. They also demonstrate the willingness to keep learning in pursuit of that goal. The motto is lifelong learning, and voestalpine provides each employee every opportunity to achieve this. From apprentice to manager.

Our employees are also agents of change

Another thing is clear as well. If you expect lifelong improvement and excellence, you have to create the optimal environment to allow it to happen. No one knows better than our colleagues how to achieve this. So at voestalpine, they are both employees and agents of change. Hand in hand, we work every day in a world where talents are able to grow and develop as freely as possible. And outstanding performance is rewarded not only with a pat on the back, but in a way that can be felt in the wallet, too. In other words, we express our appreciation through performance bonuses, flexible work time arrangements, first-class career opportunities and an attractive employee participation program. One more thing on the topic of appreciation:

Culture of thanks and respect

The word “appreciation” is a powerful concept at voestalpine. Because it includes respect for customers and colleagues as well as consideration of society and the environment. It can also be framed as the responsibility for the future that we, as a company with international operations, in many respects assume. For example, in the form of health and safety programs for our workforce. In addition, by supporting social and cultural projects in line with our corporate principles. In other words, we foster a corporate culture that is also an expression of our thanks and the respect that we owe to our employees in particular and society in general.

In this spirit, let’s emphasize the people. In the weeks and months to come, we will be shining a spotlight on the people and the projects exemplifying the expectation for our entire company: one step ahead!

Christopher Eberl

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