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The High Mobility Pool 2011 – Ulrich Eidinger in profile

Thomas Lindenhofer

Ulrich Eidinger completed the voestalpine 2-year High Mobility Pool program at the start of 2013.

Der High Mobility Pool 2011 – Ulrich Eidinger im PorträtUlrich Eidinger started in the High Mobility Pool in 2011 as one of five participants recruited at European level for the first time. After completing his degree and then his Master in International Logistics Management at the University of Applied Sciences in Steyr, he gained his first professional experience in the field of strategic purchasing.

His first project with the High Mobility Pool took him to voestalpine Polynorm BV in the Netherlands. He spoke to us at that time about his expectations of the High Mobility Pool and this project: “During my studies I was already striving to work abroad. However, not only the international aspect, but also the professional opportunities – being able to gain insight into different divisions and companies within a short period of time – have drawn my attention to the High Mobility Pool. Additionally, the possibility for exchange of experiences and intercultural competences among us pool members confirmed my intention to start working at voestalpine. My first project takes place at voestalpine Polynorm in the Netherlands. There I am responsible for analyzing and improving all logistic processes as well as implementing measures. The employees’ willingness to change and my autonomy of decision-making exceeded all my expectations. I am very excited, what my further projects will bring.”

Subsequent postings brought him back to Austria to voestalpine Stahl GmbH, and then to Spain, with JEZ Sistemas Ferroviarios S.L. Ulrich Eidinger completed his final project at Rotec GmbH in Austria. During these two years he regular met up with his High Mobility Pool colleagues to swap experiences and take part in joint workshops during “homecoming days” and “reunion workshops”. At the start of 2013, and having completed the program, Ulrich Eidinger moved to his new position in Germany at Stamptec GmbH. Summing up his experiences on the program, he said: “Looking back to when I started at voestalpine, I have learnt a lot since then. Projects in different areas, companies, divisions, cultures and countries have made me realize, how diverse the voestalpine Group is, but also, how similar their challenges can be. While I accompanied, for example, the beginnings of “Projekt Prozess” – a project aiming to standardize the IT landscape within the whole Steel Division – in Linz, I had a similar task in a rather small company in Spain trying to harmonize its cost management with its French daughter company. Generally speaking, I can say that those two years were very intense, but I would never want to miss this experience of the High Mobility Pool.”

Thomas Lindenhofer

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