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The High Mobility Pool 2011 – Marcin Walkowiak in profile

Thomas Lindenhofer

As one of five participants recruited at European level for the first time, Marcin Walkowiak joined the High Mobility Pool in 2011.

Der High Mobility Pool 2011 – Marcin Walkowiak im PortraitDuring the first part of the High Mobility Pool selection process, Marcin Walkowiak won through against more than 300 applicants, going on to convince the divisional managers and personnel officers at the Assessment Center of his abilities. Marcin comes from Poland, graduated from Maastricht University with his Masters in European Public Administration, and has enjoyed his first international work experience as a Project Manager for Purchasing Logistics, and as a Consumer Adviser.

After the program’s general starting phase in Linz, Austria, Marcin moved to the Böhler Welding Group in Vienna for his first project in the field of Supplier Optimization. Asked about his expectations of the High Mobility Pool in 2011, Marcin said, “From the first discussions about the introduction stage in Linz to my first project with the Böhler Welding Group in Vienna, I felt that I was in the right place. I am surrounded by highly qualified people from various fields of expertise. We all have different skills, and the company offers numerous opportunities to put these to work. An especially important aspect is that the program management really makes a big effort to send us where we can optimally use our competences and personal characteristics to make a contribution to overall strategy and growth. I already identify with the values of voestalpine and want to use all my energy to further the growth of the company.“ Further postings took him to the Netherlands, Poland and Austria.

Marcin was supported and supervised by his mentor Franz Kainersdorfer, head of the Metal Engineering Division, during his entire time on the High Mobility Pool program. He now works in the strategy department at the Metal Engineering Division in Donawitz. This is his résumé of the High Mobility Pool and his experiences over the past two years:  “Over the last two years of the HMP program I gained precious experience working with several great people in four companies within different areas of the voestalpine group.  Starting with the Böhler Welding Group in Vienna, I worked on a project in purchasing then I went to the voestalpine Polynorm Plastics Solutions in the Netherlands to lead a project in internal logistics. The next station was voestalpine Tens in Sopot, Poland where I worked on a market development project and then I came back to Linz to the Steel Division for a project in the purchasing department. This unique knowledge and contacts will be of great benefit in my future. The HMP is dynamic and you have to be flexible but it presents opportunities which you need to be able to spot and work hard on. Overall it was a great experience.“

Thomas Lindenhofer

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