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The High Mobility Pool 2011 – Frederik Stalberg in profile

Thomas Lindenhofer

Frederik Stalberg, a Swedish member of the High Mobility Pools 2011, now has a permanent position in the Controlling Department at voestalpine Stamptec GmbH in Germany.

Der High Mobility Pool 2011 – Frederik Stalberg im PorträtBy the end of 2010 over 300 international applications had been submitted for the 2-year High Mobility Pool. After an initial selection phase and around 100 applicant interviews, 20 candidates succeeded in being invited to the Assessment Center. Swedish candidate Frederik Stalberg, with a Master’s in Business Administration from Sweden’s Uppsala University, also succeeded at this last hurdle and started as one of five participants, recruited from across Europe, in the High Mobility Pool at the start of 2011.

„Already after the first informal interview, I knew that I wanted to join the High Mobility Pool. Having the opportunity to experience various jobs across divisions and country borders was really appealing to me. Adding the many possibilities within voestalpine, the choice was simple.
My first project is to develop a future strategic plan for a company within the voestalpine Profilform Division. I am based in Krems but do regularly visit the production site in the Czech Republic. This gives me deeper knowledge about the company and its production, also ideas of how we can set up and reach future goals. Working in these conditions is very exiting and also challenging. I have the support both from my mentor and from the HR department which makes me feel confident about future challenges. The next project will start in end of August, I do not yet know what I will do or where I will live, this is exiting!,“ he explained, shortly before leaving for Krems.

The participants are assigned to new projects internationally every 4 to 6 months. Over the course of his various projects Frederik Stalberg has worked with voestalpine Profilform GmbH (Austria), Böhler Welding Holding GmbH (Austria), voestalpine Polynorm Plastics BV (Netherlands) and at the Stamptec Group in Germany where he took up his permanent position in April 2013. During these 2 years he was mentored by Helmut Punz, CFO of the Metal Forming Division. Fredrik´s resume of his time on the High Mobility Pool: „Being a member of the High Mobility Pool has given me the chance to experience different countries, cultures, divisions and companies. My tasks spanned from building a company strategy proposal and presenting this to the divisional board to designing and implementing a sales reporting tool in 23 countries. In one project I was daily on the production floor in Check Republic in the next I was having sales manager workshops in Vienna, Chicago and Jakarta.  The diversity and width that the HMP program offers is rather special, at least this is my feeling which also is confirmed when sharing experiences with former colleagues and friends from Sweden.  Going abroad, not knowing where to go or what to work with was a big step, but when I summarize it all up there is no doubt that I made the right choice two years ago.”

Thomas Lindenhofer

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