The Generation 2013 of the High Mobility Pool sums up 3 minutes spent reading
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The Generation 2013 of the High Mobility Pool sums up

Christopher Eberl
Holds editorial responsibility for career topics and for the apprentice website. His stories offer insights into the world of work at voestalpine.

Two years ago, the High Mobility Pool Generation 2013 started their program at voestalpine. Over a period of two years, the participants gained broad experiences by working on different projects in various companies of the voestalpine Group all over the world.

High Mobility Pool Generation 2013

High Mobility Pool Generation 2013

Mexico, China, Canada and Brazil – these are the countries of origin of the Generation 2013 participants. During the past two years, the Generation 2013 worked on 18 projects in 15 voestalpine companies and 7 different countries worldwide.


These are the most important personal learnings and benefits of the participants:

It was a huge step in my career (and life) to join voestalpine. Before that, I never worked for a corporate, never worked abroad, never worked in English and never had a single piece of knowledge about steel. I was not sure if I could make it in the beginning – now I know I can do!

Being aware that taking risks is good, but having a contingency plan is even better – this is my biggest learning experience. The main highlight of the entire program was the completion of every project, that time when I saw my different projects not only finalized but also implemented in the different locations where I worked. Those moments brought a feeling of personal reward and satisfaction that shows that all the time and activities done in the project are finally paying off, boosting the desire to always move forward.

The program has helped me to identify my own strengths and weaknesses in the professional and personal aspect. On the path of this 2-year experience I have been able to overcome those weaknesses in order to grow every day in both aspects.

In the last two years I had projects on completely new areas for me, such as marketing, finances and strategy that even with a tight schedule – I had to try my best to learn and bring good results. Living in different countries e.g. in China is fun but at the same time a very challenging experience, too.

The regular meetings and training gave me the chance to grow personally and professionally. I got the chance to learn from highly experiences and professional trainers and experts as well as from my colleagues in the program by sharing knowledge and experiences.

Looking back I can see how many things have changed in my life: I have made many global friends and had the dream of working and living abroad come true.

"I would like to thank all our Dutch, Germans, Austrians, Brazilians and Chinese colleagues who helped to make my daily life easy and handle language and cultural differences."
Participant of the High Mobility Pool Generation 2013

Christopher Eberl

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