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Christopher Eberl
Holds editorial responsibility for career topics and for the apprentice website. His stories offer insights into the world of work at voestalpine.

Two students from the Montan University Leoben are getting work experience with Villares Metals in Brazil, one on an internship, the other to write his master thesis. Both are discovering voestalpine as an attractive employer.

Students Abroad (Penz & Clemens Krapscha)Florian Penz is not the first Austrian to complete a work placement with Villares Metals in Brazil. But during the three months he spends there, from September onwards, he is at least able to assist the first Austrian who is writing his thesis whilst working at the tool manufacturer in Sumaré. Clemens Krapscha‘s master thesis examines ways of optimizing the scrap yard at the company’s steel mill. Florian Penz is helping him assess the current status by analyzing material flows at the scrap yard. The Master thesis should produce recommendations for improving procedures. Both students agree that it is “only the experience and knowledge of the local personnel, and their willingness to share, that makes it possible to undertake our project.”

An underestimated subject

The subject of personnel recruiting continues to remain a particular area of concern. After all, in contrast to Brazil, attracting young engineers in Europe is anything but simple, and today’s students are particularly influenced in their subsequent choice of career by their experiences on work placements. “This has a very strong impact on their professional development. We can still reach them during the phase in which they are still trying to discover what they really want to do later. This subject is to a great extent underestimated,” says Michael Walter, Technical Director to the management at Villares Metals. The key is not only to directly advertise the company, but – as the case with the two students from Austria shows – to demonstrate flexibility and generate emotional ties to the company.

Christopher Eberl

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