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Christopher Eberl
Holds editorial responsibility for career topics and for the apprentice website. His stories offer insights into the world of work at voestalpine.

As part of the celebrations marking the 650th anniversary of the University of Vienna, we are presenting several voestalpine employees who graduated from the university. The following is a portrait of Alexander Poledna, Head of Patents, Standards and Literature at voestalpine Stahl GmbH.

Alexander Poledna

Alexander Poledna, Head of Patents, Standards and Literature, voestalpine Stahl GmbH

Alexander Poledna attended the secondary technical school in Wels, graduating in 1987. After completing his compulsory civilian sevice, he came to Vienna in 1988 where he started his degree in electrical engineering at the TU Wien. A year later he also began a second degree, studying business computing and IT. Alexander Poledna completed the bulk of his studies at the TU Wien, although he attended courses and his graduation ceremony at the University of Vienna. He graduated in electrical engineering in 1993, followed by business computing and IT in 1995.


Mr Poledna, what brought you to voestalpine, and when?

I came to voestalpine Stahl GmbH in 1999 having first worked at vatron GmbH, a former voestalpine subsidiary.


Tell us something about your work.

I support the innovation process throughout the Group by protecting our know-how, particularly in the field of trademark rights. I’m also responsible for the provision of relevant literature for quality management and research & development.


What do you particularly enjoy about your job and working at voestalpine?

The many and varied range of assignments across a large number of Group companies.

"My role allows me to work in all areas, whether marketing, sales, quality management or R&D."
Alexander Poledna, Head of Patents, Standards and Literature, voestalpine Stahl GmbH.


What tip would you give future applicants in your area of operations?

It’s always important to examine things from every side, and to understand the viewpoint of the parties involved: “What would I do in their place?”


Christopher Eberl

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