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Robert Scott: fully committed

Michael Leithinger

Robert Scott is one of the “heroes” of the new voestalpine brand campaign. He is also the Managing Director of the voestalpine Tubular Corporation in Houston, Texas.

Robert Scott: mit ganzem EinsatzRobert Scott was born in 1956 in a small town in Texas, where he spent a happy childhood and youth. He attended university and after earning his bachelor of science degree, he moved to Houston. In 1983 he joined voestalpine Tubular Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of voestalpine Tubulars GmbH & Co KG, as a field service technician He gradually worked his way up the ladder to become Manager Technical Services, Vice President and then President (Managing Director)


Passion and patience

Today Robert Scott is the Managing Director of the voestalpine Tubular Corporation. His job is selling seamless Oil Country Tubular Goods from voestalpine Tubulars in North America, which calls for a lot of passion for the product and the business. And sometimes a healthy dose of patience, as competition is fierce in the market for Oil Country Tubular Goods. In fact, he regularly gives his patience a workout by fishing in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Texas.


Good partnership

Also on board (at work, not on the fishing trips) is his dedicated team of six.

"The cooperation works perfectly – that’s the basis of our success in the market."
Robert Scott, Managing Director of the voestalpine Tubular Corporation, Houston

Contact with the parent company in Austria is also marked by mutual respect and trust.


The team around Robert Scott

  • Clayton Welch (Vice President – Sales and Customer Relations)
  • Elida Kohomban (Finance and Accounting)
  • Nicole Milner (Sales Office, Incoming Orders, Customs Clearance, Customer Relations)
  • David O’Connor (Premium Connections, Technical Sales)
  • Kelly Dixon (Sales Office and Administration)
  • Chuck Gussler (Customer Service, Claims, Logistics and Deadline Monitoring)


The latest video from the voestalpine image and brand campaign focuses on Oil Country Tubular Goods, produced in Austria and installed in America. An ongoing blog series offers further insight and background information about the product, the areas of application and the market as well as about Robert Scott, the star of the campaign.

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