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Passing on the High Mobility baton

Thomas Lindenhofer

The five participants in the High Mobility Pool of 2011 are currently completing “their” High Mobility Pool program, and five new fast-track managers will follow in their footsteps.

Passing on the High Mobility baton„“The participants in the High Mobility Pool 2011 were the first to be recruited from across Europe,” explains Uta Stockbauer who is responsible for the High Mobility Pool, supporting the participants in all aspects of their national and international postings. Of the more than 300 applicants from Austria, Poland, Sweden and Romania, 20 were invited to the Assessment Center where managers and personnel officers from across the divisions selected the five most suitable candidates.

Over the past two years the participants have worked on a variety of projects around the globe, gaining the widest possible range of experience in a variety of different specialist areas, divisions, companies and regions. They completed projects in Germany, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Spain, Australia, Poland and South America, as well as Austria.

Their work experience was supplemented by regular joint workshops, the so-called “homecoming days” and “reunion workshops”, as well as a variety of training courses. During their “blue collar days”, the participants got hands-on experience on the factory floor. Experienced top Group managers are acting as mentors to the young employees, supervising their development during the program and as they take their first steps in permanent positions.

Thomas Lindenhofer

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