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Our high mobility pool of tomorrow’s managers

Thomas Lindenhofer

5 applicants were able to demonstrate their potential at our Assessment Center and now make up the next high mobility pool generation.

Der High Mobility Pool, unsere Führungskräfte von morgenIn order to find well-qualified personnel and then keep them with the company, we offer our employees attractive programs for ongoing personal and career development. Lifelong learning is part of the voestalpine culture. A variety of programs are used to introduce tomorrow’s managers to the challenges they’ll face in the future. Our high mobility pool allows high-potential employees to advance their careers at voestalpine according to their particular skills. This international development program is open to university graduates with up to three years professional experience, giving them the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities in international projects.

Over a two year period, these highly mobile, fast track managers spend time getting to know several divisions, gathering valuable experience in different companies and operational areas during the projects. Despite changing fields of activity, the participants constantly network and exchange information. They meet and swap experiences during the so-called “homecoming days” held between each project assignment.

A new, two-year high mobility program starts in January 2013. In October 2012 seventeen international candidates from North and South America, Asia and Europe were invited to voestalpine in Linz to get to know the company better. During a three-day selection process run by our Assessment Center, the most suitable applicants were sought to form our next high mobility pool generation. The 17 candidates were all highly qualified, making the selection extremely difficult for the ten assessors who were drawn from various Group divisions. In the end five candidates met the requirements in every respect. They replace the current series of fast track trainees who have completed the program, and will start in the new high mobility program this January as our managers of tomorrow.

Thomas Lindenhofer

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