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New features on the voestalpine online job portal

Christopher Eberl
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The voestalpine online job portal is the central contact point for all applicants and job searchers. After its migration to a responsive design, the portal now offers new features which make the online application management system innovative and applicant-friendly.

Online applications often take a long time – voestalpine is now making the process simpler!

Save time applying by using CV parsing

The new CV parsing technology auto

CV parsing technology

The new CV parsing technology

matically extracts information from the applicant’s CV and enters it into the relevant fields on the application form. The applicant simply has to check the information has been correctly entered, and provide additional data if necessary. This hugely simplifies the process of manually entering CVs into the application form. This improvement is announced in the notes accompanying each application form and is offered to all applicants as an optional service. For quality reasons, the CV parsing function is currently only available for a limited number of fields, but will be successively expanded over the long term.

voestalpine to rely on a regional application pool

What is the application pool? Every day voestalpine receives remarkable applications and reads impressive applicant profiles. Unfortunately, there isn’t always a suitable position open for each applicant at the time of applying. In order not to lose promising candidates, the recruiter at each voestalpine company stores the applicant data in an application management system, comparing this information to open positions at a later date – it is possible that the applicant is suitable for a position which only becomes available in the future. The application pool provides the recruiters with access to a number of promising applications without having to revert to an external search.

What’s new?

The voestalpine Group is composed of many individual companies, each of whom is responsible for recruiting their own staff. Therefore, an application is made to one specific company at one specific site. Where that company is unable to offer the applicant a position at the time of applying, the application can now be shared with other voestalpine Group companies. By agreeing to be entered into the Group application pool you increase your chances of a career within the voestalpine Group.

On the last page of the application form the applicant can now state whether they would like their application to be entered into the voestalpine application pool. If they agree they will be asked about the geographical region (ideal location, national or international) for which their application should be considered. The recruiter can then transfer the application to the relevant pool in accordance with the applicant’s wishes.

CV parsing technology

The new CV parsing technology

This is particularly sensible where the recruiter at one company is unable to offer the applicant a suitable position at the time of applying, but finds his or her profile interesting and wishes to share it with recruiters in other voestalpine companies located in regions the applicant has specified. As a result, the applicant increases the number of opportunities for his or her application to be considered, in regions of his/her choice, and so increases the likelihood of securing a position at voestalpine.


Christopher Eberl

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