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network #china in Shanghai

Christopher Eberl
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The second meeting of managing directors was held during network #china in Shanghai on November 16 and 17.

Meetings at regular intervals—this is the opportunity to discuss market developments and forecasts, potential synergies and current issues such as operational excellence, purchasing, IT, and HR.

Mutual exchanges

The meeting held in fall 2016 focused on IT (start of activities at voestalpine group-IT (Suzhou) co., Ltd.), purchasing, and credit insurance. Each topic was presented by an expert and then discussed. Network coordinator René Killinger provided an overview of current developments from the perspective of the holding, as well as food for thought in the form of best practice examples from other networks.

Open issues from the last network #china conference and the form of a planned cross-divisional meeting with key sales personnel were professionally prepared by local coordinator Ms. Xiaowei Ren, and then jointly discussed.

"In China it is now clear that the network activities have generated an ‘us’ feeling, a shared mindset, and a frequently cited voestalpine ‘spirit’. I’m convinced that this shared basis will allow us to realize significant synergies in the future."
René Killinger, network coordinator, voestalpine AG

Developing a basis of trust

In addition to the various discussion points, as at previous meetings there was also time for equally important networking. The evening meal offered the attendees the opportunity to spend time together and get to know one another better. Cooperation across companies and divisions will also help in reaching the strategic target revenue of around EUR 800 million by the business year 2020/21.

Christopher Eberl

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