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International Students’ Day of Metallurgy 2016

Christopher Eberl
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From May 12 to 14 the International Students Day of Metallurgy 2016 took place at the Technical University of Ostrava. voestalpine, as an active sponsor (amongst other things) seized the opportunity to use the Students Day as a forum to exchange information and contacts.

voestalpine has supported the International Student’s Day of Metallurgy as a sponsor since 2010. Usually, the steel-based technology and capital goods group is represented at the fair with its own stand. The International Day of Metallurgy is an annual get-together of around 200 students of metallurgy and related subjects such as material sciences and materials engineering. These degrees are very much sought after in the voestalpine Group.

International Students Day of Metallurgy 2016

Valeska Nassiri (voestalpine AG) & Nicolas Delfs (voestalpine Stahl GmbH)

International Exchange

The focus of this year’s get-together lies on the exchange between students of technical and/or montanist(?) fields of study, and organizations in the metalworking industry as well as related partner industries. The international students, who are mainly from Europe, make use of this recruitment fair to have a professional exchange of knowledge, to build a network and to get in touch with potential employers such as voestalpine.

Furthermore, as part of numerous excursions, the students were able to visit and gain insights into local production facilities within the metalworking industry.

Christopher Eberl

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