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“International Spirit” in Corporate Development

Christopher Eberl
Holds editorial responsibility for career topics and for the apprentice website. His stories offer insights into the world of work at voestalpine.

For more than 10 years, the voestalpine Corporate Development department has taken an international approach through its numerous cooperative ventures with universities.

ACT students program

ACT student program (Michael Eyett, Jaqueline Lotzkar, Tina Neuwirth, Joy Lee, Qiusheng Zhang, Ernst Balla, Irene Coughlin)

We have had nothing but positive experiences in working with students of various nationalities, confirms Michael Eyett from Corporate Development. René Killinger, who usually serves as a project supervisor, is also convinced that, in the end, both sides profit hugely when international students are involved in projects or spend short periods getting a taste of life in a voestalpine department. Gaining experience of working life is highly motivating for students at the beginning of their professional careers, and voestalpine benefits from the chance to meet potential international and mobile employees at an early stage, and bring international know-how to the company.


ACT student program

One such cooperation is the international ACT (=Austria, Canada, Taiwan) student program run by the Johannes-Kepler University, with whom voestalpine has been a partner for over 10 years. Students from the 3 countries spend time in each of the named regions where they are involved in projects, giving them the chance not only to expand their academic and cultural knowledge but also to start building their own personal international networks. As well as a general introduction to the company and the core elements of corporate strategy, in 2014 for example, four students undertook a project on “China—Automotive OEMs and Tier 1 & 2 Suppliers”, under the supervision of René Killinger.


New student program

A similar Masters program has now started involving students from Austria, Italy, and Russia. Corporate Development also introduces voestalpine to numerous MBA groups (from Arizona, Cincinnati, etc.) during company visits and at international business seminars held at the university. The most recent example of successful cooperation between universities and Corporate Development is that of David Schupper, a Bachelor of Business Administration and a student at Emory University in Atlanta; the Corporate Human Resource department assigned him an internship with Corporate Development in June and July, where he made a valuable contribution to the “network north America” event.

"David was an asset for our department in all sorts of ways. As well as the linguistic aspect, from which we all personally benefited, he did a great job for the company in preparing the north america booklet."
René Killinger, project supervisor, voestalpine AG

David Schupper is the eighth internee to come to Corporate Development from Emory, one of the USA’s top universities.

Christopher Eberl

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