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International networking within the Group

Christopher Eberl
Holds editorial responsibility for career topics and for the apprentice website. His stories offer insights into the world of work at voestalpine.

The current international pre-stage of the internal Group executive development program, the "value:program", ended in February. A total of 19 participants from 8 countries each took part in three different blocks.

value stands for voestalpine leveraging unique expertise and builds on the combination of theory with direct, Group-related application. The pre-stage of the value:program focuses on young, high potential voestalpine employees. The focus lies in promoting social skills and determining whether a specialist or a management career is most suitable.

The international pre-stage consists of a total of 3 blocks, each with a duration of 5 days. The blocks were all completed in Austria at a wide variety of sites. This enabled participants to view the voestalpine plants in Linz, Kapfenberg and Krems and gain insights into the various production sites. A few participants were able to go home with new ideas to implement in their own companies.

value:program pre-stage

Intensive project phase

During the program the participants acquire and extend their knowledge of project management, amongst others. The individual projects were developed by the 4 project teams over the last 10 months and the results, as well as lessons learned, presented at the end of the program to their management teams and mentors simultaneously, on site or virtually, as required.  The project team meetings this required were also virtual. One challenge for the teams included the different time zones.

Overview of the pre-stage projects

  • Ecological footprint – project management: Philipp Biegel; project team: Hikmet Özcan, Thorsten Olbrich, Pamela Fritz Heuser, Jürgen Goriupp
  • Production monitoring with KPIs – project management: Thomas Zahradnik, project team: Bacalhau José Britti, Latzesberger Martin, Roque Ricardo Fernando Gomes, Schike Steve
  • voestalpine Sales Platform (VASP) – project management: Willem Demey, project team: Regina Briglauer, Edward Kuo, Jörg Grossmann, Jürgen Heinz
  • VAE Sales Agent Vietnam – project management: Paul Gerber, project team: Joshua Rooker, Gernot Russ, Jürgen Rainer

The various blocks each had their own agreed framework program. Block A started with a getting-to-know-you session and determining the site. This was followed by team development and project coaching, and rounded off with an evening spent cooking together. Block B had more content and focused on themes such as economic understanding by means of a planning game, project controlling and communication techniques, accompanied by Philippine stick fighting.

"Historically good company results. Over 13 years and more than 100 business simulations later, we have never had such large increases in company value!"
A planning game trainer

Block C was dedicated to subjects including flexible change management, the work-life balance and “viewing my talents & successes”, giving participants the chance to discover their limits whilst working in a team to construct a high wire.

Team building with plenty of fun

Kochabend value:programThe pre-stage not only involved a lot of work, motivation and commitment, but also a wide range of joint activities. A shared cooking and drumming evening, constructing a high wire, wine tasting and Bavarian curling on tarmac not only helped to consolidate what the participants had learned,  but also ensured an excellent team atmosphere and great networking. The participants were certainly able to take away a lot with them, and look back with fondness at the completion of the current pre-stage group.

"A great experience!"
Feedback from a value:program participant
"Great tools for self-reflection!"
Feedback from a value:program participant
"Already planning a meeting for autumn 2014!"
Feedback from a value:program participant
"Focus on the goal and not on what scares you!"
Feedback from a value:program participant
Christopher Eberl

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